ABS confident of public trust in Census despite boycott campaign

Calls for a boycott of this year’s Census continue to bounce around the community, spread mainly through social media, and could endanger the valuable project depending on how many people actually follow through.

The explicit promotion of a boycott followed trenchant criticism of the decision to retain names and addresses collected with this year’s Census, led by former Australian Statistician Bill McLennan on March 9 in The Australian Financial Review.

McLennan told the newspaper he was drawing attention to the change because he felt it was likely to spark mass civil disobedience — and warned that a future government could change the law to expand how the data is used “in half a day”. His comments were quickly endorsed by a throng of privacy advocates and reported widely across all kinds of media, fuelling debate and eventually threatening to become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Read the complete article in The Mandarin (http://www.themandarin.com.au/62753-abs-confident-public-trust-census-despite-boycott-campaign/)


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