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*Advanced* Data Visualisation with R workshop - Grab the last few spots!

  • 27 Nov 2021 10:29 AM
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    Francis Hui (Administrator)

    Hi everyone,

    There are only a few spots left for the Advanced Data Visualisation with R online workshop on December 8-9, and the registrations close 3 December! 

    Grab it while it's hot!!!

    Please find more details below and also on the events page


    The SSA Canberra Branch warmly invites you to a workshop on Advanced Data Visualisation with R, taught by Professor Di Cook and Dr Emi Tanaka.

    This workshop will build upon the skills and experience acquired from the "Data Visualisation with R" workshop, which Emi and Di have run successfully several times across multiple SSA branches*, as participants dive deeper into advanced programming with ggplot2 and extensions for interactive graphics, web apps, and so on.

    *Note participants need not have attended the "Data Visualisation with R" workshop in order to attend this workshop. However, please see the Requirements and Desired knowledge below.

    About the workshop:

    Are you familiar with how to use ggplot2 for creating graphics? Do you want to delve deeper into advanced programming with ggplot2, extend your plots with interactivity and embed them in a web app?  In this workshop, we teach about the internals of the ggplot2, meta-programming concepts to help you program with ggplot2, and deliver web apps for flexible and effective data visualisation. 

    The workshop will be hands-on with plenty of practical examples.

    Learning objectives:

    Day 1

    • Drawing with the grid package 

    • Internals of ggplot2 and writing extensions

    • Programming with ggplot2

    Day 2

    • Overview of tools for interactive plots

    • Digging deeper into reactive elements in shiny

    • Web apps to deliver effective data visualisation

    Target audience:

    The workshop is suitable for those who are familiar and comfortable with R and ggplot2. 

    Please note the workshop is capped at 25 participants, so don't miss out and register as early as possible!


    • Intermediate R knowledge (you use R on a regular basis, are comfortable writing code from scratch, routinely create data plots using ggplot2, familiar with concepts in Cookbook for R by Winston Chang)

    • basic statistics (e.g. simple linear regression, hypothesis testing, basic summary statistics and plots)

    • computer (with ability to install R and R-packages), microphone and web camera

    • stable internet connection

    • Install the video conferencing software, zoom and know how to use zoom

    • Have a (free) account on

    Desirable Skills:

    • Some familiarity with tidyverse

    • Understand quasiquotation

    • Know the S3 object oriented programming system

    • Familiar with functional programming

    • Familiarity with shiny

    About the presenters:

    Dianne Cook is Professor of Business Analytics at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia.  She is a world leader in data visualisation, especially the visualisation of high-dimensional data using tours with low-dimensional projections, and projection pursuit.  She is currently focusing on bridging the gap between exploratory graphics and statistical inference.  Di is a Fellow of the American Statistical Association, past editor of the Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics, current editor of the R Journal, elected Ordinary Member of the R Foundation, and elected member of the International Statistical Institute. 

    Emi Tanaka is a Lecturer in Statistics at Monash University and the incoming President of SSA Vic. She is currently working on a statistical theory for conducting inference using data plots and is an early career researcher in multi-level modelling, and experimental design. She is an experienced and enthusiastic R user and instructor, and regularly teaches university courses and workshops to the broader community on data visualisation, including ggplot2.

    Timetable (tentative):

    Day 1

    9am  9:45am 

    Session 1

    9:45am  10am

    Break / networking 

    10am  10:45am

    Session 2

    10:45am-11am Break / networking 
    11am-11:45am Session 3 


    Break / networking

    Day 2

    9am  9:45am 

    Session 4

    9:45am  10am

    Break / networking 

    10am  10:45am

    Session 5

    10:45am-11am Break / networking 
    11am-11:45am Session 6 


    Break / networking

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