Direct Debit Now Available

The Statistical Society now offers an annual Direct Debit option to facilitate the payment of the annual membership fee. Next time when you renew your membership, you will have the choice of choosing “Direct Debit” as your payment option. Once you have decided that this is how you wish to pay your membership fees from then on, the fee will be deducted once a year from your nominated bank account or credit card.

To help provide a better level of service, the Society recently decided to adopt Ezidebit as the preferred method of payment for fees. Direct Debit is a means of payment where you give the Society permission to collect your annual membership fee from your Bank Account, Credit Union, Building Society or Credit Card.

The Society will not keep your bank or credit card details on file.  Direct Debit does not give anyone access to your account. Direct Debit merely authorises Ezidebit to request and process payments from your bank on behalf of the Statistical Society, as agreed. It provides a secure and convenient payment method and you can opt out at any time.

We have decided to partner with Ezidebit because this provider is the leading Direct Debit billing company in Australia and they have been reliably debiting accounts for over 10 years.  We rely on their excellent service to give our members peace of mind:

  • Ezidebit is fully sponsored with Westpac.
  • Ezidebit is a licensed commercial agent and is one of the only debiting companies in Australia with an Australian Financial Services License.
  • Ezidebit is registered with Fair Trading Queensland.
  • Funds collected are held in a secure trust control account.
  • Ezidebit is audited by ASIC annually.

Why pay by Direct Debit? Direct Debiting saves time and gives you the peace of mind to focus on other things, without worrying about forgetting to pay.

An information sheet with frequently asked questions can be accessed here.  If there is anything else you’d like to know with regard to our Direct Debit facility, or if you have any problems with your renewal, please contact me directly ([email protected]).

Would you please note that if you choose the Direct Debit option it may take up to four working days from set-up before the fee is actually deducted from your account.


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