Why apply for AStat Accreditation?

What is accreditation? Why would you want to be accredited?

Accreditation is independent recognition of your skills and indicates to the non-statistical community that you have achieved an acceptable level of professional competence in the understanding and application of statistical methods. Having accreditation for yourself or your staff members can help to:

  • Prove that you are committed to providing quality outcomes
  • Provide clients with confidence
  • Build a better, more efficient organisation with quality and performance assurance
  • Increase capability
  • Reduce risk
  • Provide a competitive advantage over individuals that are not accredited

The Statistical Society of Australia introduced its Accreditation program in 1996 and since then, over 150 members have obtained AStat Accreditation and over 80 have obtained GStat Accreditation.

Accredited members have the option of registering their contact details and areas of expertise in the Statistical Society’s directory of Accredited Statisticians on the SSA website, which is the first port of call when a statistician’s service is sought.

A member with the qualification of Accredited Statistician may use the abbreviation AStat.

To be able to apply for and hold Accreditation, applicants must be full members of the SSA.

The SSA Accreditation Committee looks forward to hearing from you!



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