How to Apply

How to get Accreditation

Application Process

To apply for the AStat or GStat qualifications, members must complete the official application form – AStat or GStat.  All the forms are available on this page:

Completed application forms for Accreditation should be emailed to [email protected] with the application fee. There will be a refund of $50 for AStat applications and $20 for GStat applications if the application is not successful. Hardcopy applications can be sent to SSA, PO Bpx 213, Belconnen, ACT 2616, though electronic applications are preferred.

Evidence of Qualifications

Applicants should provide evidence of their qualifications in statistics subjects. This will generally be in the form of a certified academic transcript, with additional information if necessary (eg details of individual subjects). Alternatively a notarised copy of a degree can be provided. After sighting, these documents will be returned to the applicant.

Relevant Practical Experience

The Accreditation Committee will be prepared to consider any relevant practical experience. The following list is indicative of the types of experience which would be considered. It is intended to be indicative rather than exhaustive.

  • leading statistical projects requiring a significant amount of statistical analysis or modelling
  • undertaking statistical analysis of data and reporting on the results
  • having responsibility for the interpretation and presentation of statistical information
  • designing statistical databases and reporting systems
  • teaching statistical theory and methods, and their applications with orientation to, and emphasis on, usage and practice
  • statistical consultancy
  • carrying out and implementing research to develop new methods to solve significant applied statistical problems
  • taking responsibility for the design and analysis of statistically-based surveys
  • managing a statistics section whose work falls in one or more of the above areas
  • carrying out work which has been generally recognised as having made a significant contribution to the good practice of statistics.

In addressing these criteria, candidates must provide evidence of professional competence.

Evidence of Professional Competence

Candidates are required to nominate two referees who may be contacted by the Accreditation Committee. Both referees should be in a position to comment on the candidates work from first-hand knowledge. At least one referee should be a statistician with seniority. The Committee will not necessarily be limited to obtaining information only from the nominated referees. Further evidence may be required in some cases. Claims of experience should be supportable by evidence such as publications in refereed journals. Candidates must submit copies of at least two publications, reports or extracts from their work which provide evidence of their professional competence and the diversity of their statistical competence.

Annual Fees

Accredited Statisticians will pay an additional annual fee currently set at $45 incl GST. This will commence in the financial year after the qualification is approved. It will be due at the same time as the ordinary membership fee. There is no additional annual fee for Graduate Statisticians.

Maintenance of Accredited Qualification

Accredited qualification is rescinded on cessation of membership of the Society, but restored on resumption of membership of the Society within five years of membership cessation. An accredited member may choose to terminate accreditation. Accreditation may be reinstated at the discretion of the Committee and Council, subject to the maintenance requirement below. Accredited Statisticians shall provide to the Accreditation Committee every five years, including any years of cessation of membership of the Society or accredited membership a summary of their activities in those five years, to demonstrate at least continuing contact/involvement with statistics and the practice of statistics appropriate to them, plus the name of one referee to be contacted if the Committee so desires. The Committee will take into account temporary interruptions to employment including those for parental leave. The re-accreditation form is available on the following page:


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