Handy Hints Before You Apply

Many applicants for Accreditation do themselves a disservice by submitting poor applications  Please give yourself the best chance of a successful application by checking off these points before you submit your application.

To be formally eligibe for AStat Accreditation you need to demonstrate at least n years of relevant practical experience where you have essentially taken the lead role in the statistical activity (where n depends upon your statistical training).  This requires you to provide satisfactory evidence.

n years’ means n years.  If you can demonstrate only (n – 0.5) years, please delay your application.

A key word is ‘practical’ experience.  Submitting a research paper as evidence, or telling us that you have a Ph.D. and/or n papers, will not usually demonstrate practical experience by itself.

If you submit joint work, you would need to convince the Committee that you took a lead role in the statistical activity.  Simply doing a straightforward analysis in R/SAS/SPSS/… under the direction of someone else will not suffice.  You need to describe who planned the investigation, what aspects of the work were done by you, to whom you reported, etc.

Submitting a Power Point presentation that you have given does not usually provide sufficient depth of evidence.  A five-page report to a client, in which you describe the problem, briefly talk of the analysis you have done, state the assumptions underlying the analysis and how the data met them or had been transformed to do so, summarise the key findings of the analysis and their implications, and suggest further investigation (where appropriate), will always be more convincing than a slide show of 20+ pages.

Your two referees should be knowledgeable about your recent statistical work.  A referee who has not worked with you for over five years cannot carry conviction.  Similarly, a referee who says that you are a good person, but cannot evaluate your statistical work knowledgeably, does not help your case.  Ideally at least one of your referees should be a statistician; failing that, someone with experience in statistics is essential.  Lastly, you should check that your referees are willing to support your application;  a negative report from a referee will almost always lead to your application being rejected.

Please work through this Checklist for Accredited Statistician before you apply.


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