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The prime objective of the Accredited Statistician (AStat) scheme is to indicate to the non-statistical community that the holder has achieved an acceptable level of professional competence in the understanding and application of statistical methods and is bound by the Code of Conduct of the SSA. It is important to the reputation of the statistical profession and to those employing statisticians that only those persons who satisfy the specified criteria are accredited, otherwise the credibility of the profession is at risk. A member with the qualification of Accredited Statistician may use the abbreviation AStat.

The Statistical Society provides a Directory of Statistical Consultants listing those of its accredited members who are prepared to act as consultants.  To see the Directory please click here.  The Directory provides areas of expertise and experience for each consultant as well as their contact details.

The information in the Directory is based solely on what has been provided by the members. The information has not been verified by the SSA. Potential clients wishing to engage a consultant should approach individuals directly and negotiate an appropriate contract. The SSA itself has no role in these negotiations.

Professionally qualified members agree to abide by the Code of Conduct which requires that they only undertake work within their own areas of competence and expertise. Nevertheless, the Society cannot take responsibility for or give any warranty in respect of the quality, appropriateness or general level of service offered by consultants.

Further, members may be accredited, but choose not to be listed in the Directory. Please feel free to contact the SSA office if you have a question about a member’s accreditation status.

Details of accreditation can be found under the headings Professional Accreditation.


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