Accredited Courses

Accredited University Courses

Accreditation of a statistics course of study at a University gives many benefits. To the students, it gives them automatic status as a Graduate Statistician when they apply to the Society. To prospective students, it guarantees that the course they are choosing is recognised across Australia. To the academic department, it helps market their courses in an increasing competitive environment. And it provides credibility within the University, an important factor when resources are tight.

The following courses of study are currently accredited by the Society:

Statistics Major in the BSc and the Statistics Major in the BMath
at the University of Newcastle
(since 16 June 2011)

(Post)Graduate Diploma of Biostatistics and Master of Biostatistics
Biostatistics Collaboration of Australia (BCA)
(The program of the courses is identical across the universities, the specific titles across the universities may differ according to the history of the establishment of the program)
(since 17 December 2009)

Statistics or Advanced Statistics Major within any UNSW Bachelor degree
(since 15 October 2009)

Major in Statistics at La Trobe University
(since 21 June 2005)

Bachelor of Statistics, Australian National University
(since 8 May 2014)

The Statistics Major in the Bachelor of Science, Australian National University
(since 8 May 2014)

Bachelor of Commerce (major in business analytics), Monash University
(since 6 April 2017)


For more information on how to obtain Accreditation for a statistics course, please click here.


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