Accreditation for Graduates

While the qualification of Accredited Statistician is available to experienced statisticians, the Statistical Society recognises that there will be relatively inexperienced but qualified statisticians who want some recognition to support their professional work. For this reason, we have introduced a Graduate Statistician (GStat) scheme. The GStat qualification is intended primarily to indicate that the holder has recently completed a course of study equivalent to a degree course with a Major in Statistics, including Graduate Diplomas.

The Society strongly recommends that holders of the GStat qualification either proceed to an Honours or other postgraduate degree in the discipline or undertake significant professional development before applying for full accreditation.

The Graduate Statistician (GStat) qualification requires an educational achievement only.   Holders of the qualification of Graduate Statistician shall meet at least the following educational requirements, provided no more than eight years have elapsed since the award of the degree or equivalent on which the application is based:

  1. A pass degree from an Australian university, or equivalent qualification.
  2. A minimum of 25% of a year’s study in Statistics in total at second year level, and a minimum of 50% of a year’s study in Statistics at third year level.
  3. A four year Honours degree in Statistics, or the applicant has achieved a minimum average grade of 65% (that is, a credit average or equivalent) in their Statistical major at third year level or in the Statistics postgraduate coursework in the degree that forms the basis of their application.
  4. Units involving statistical inference, data analysis, statistical communication skills and the use of a statistical package.
  5. Several units covering material from the following list: probability and distribution theory, linear models, design of experiments, sampling methods, multivariate analysis, analysis of categorical data, time series, survival analysis, statistical consulting, statistical graphics, databases.

The GStat application form can be downloaded here . The Society’s Rules pertaining to accreditation can be viewed here.

You may also wish to consult the pages under Resources to read about careers in statistics, jobs available, the companies that employ large numbers of statisticians and to browse the “Web guide for statisticians”.



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