E J G Pitman Young Statisticians Prize

This prize is awarded for the most outstanding talk presented by a ‘young statistician’ at an Australian Statistical Conference.
Following is an extract from the SSA Regulations which outline the rules of the E J G Pitman Young Statisticians Prize.

7.1 Rules of the Prize

The following rules apply:

7.1.1 Only members of the Statistical Society of Australia are eligible.

7.1.2 ‘Young Statistician’ will mean a person enrolled for a degree who is studying either full-time or part-time without age limit, OR a person who graduated with a Bachelor’s degree within the past five years, OR a person awarded a postgraduate degree within the past year.

7.1.3 The Prize is to be at a value determined by the Council from time to time. A certificate will also be presented to the winner. A certificate of merit will be issued for the runner up(s).

7.1.4 A Prize Committee, consisting of members of the Society, will be appointed by Council after consultation with the Conference Convenor. Members of the Prize Committee will attend all eligible talks at the ASC and after discussion make a decision. The Prize Committee’s decision will be final.

7.1.5 If, in the opinion of the Prize Committee there are no candidates of sufficient merit then no prize will be awarded.

7.1.6 The EJG Pitman Prize can be awarded at most once to any given person.

7.2 Criteria for the award of the E J G Pitman Young Statisticians Prize

In awarding the Prize the Prize Committee will consider the following:

  1. the motivation and setting of the general context.
  2. the organisation and structure of the talk,
  3. the originality of the substance of the talk,
  4. the presentation of the material and rapport with the audience.


Past Winners of the E J G Pitman Young Statisticians Prize (2006-2016)

2006- Jonathan Tuke

2008- Rian Caccianaga

2010- Ian Renner

2012- Garth Tarr

2014- Alan Herschtal

2016- Thais Rodriguez


Past Winners of “Best Presentation at a Young Statisticians Conference” (2009-2017)

2009- Mo Mc Kinnon

2011- Julia Polak

2013- Garth Tarr

2015- Rory Tarnow-Mordi

2017- Kelsey Grantham


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