The Society awards a gold medal, the Pitman Medal, at most once annually, in recognition of outstanding achievement in, and contribution to, the discipline of Statistics. Honorary Life Membership honours outstanding contribution to the profession and the Society, while a Society Service Award may be awarded to a Society member in recognition of sustained and significant service to the Society.  An Awards Committee, chaired by the President of the Society, makes recommendations to the Society’s Central Council as to appropriate Award recipients. Pitman Medals and Honorary Life Memberships are usually announced at the Society’s Conference.

Members of the Society are encouraged to propose suitable recipients of the Pitman Medal, Honorary Life Membership or a Society Service Award. Suggestions, with brief supporting information, should be emailed to the Society’s President ([email protected]), as Chair of the Awards Committee.

The E J G Pitman Young Statisticians Prize is awarded for the most outstanding talk by a “young statistician” at an Australian Statistical Conference. The SSA Golden Jubilee Travel Grant is awarded once a year to a student member attending an overseas conference.

The Society is also consulted about medals of the Australian Academy of Science – the Moran Medal and the Hannan Medal. Both these medals honour Australian statisticians who made outstanding contributions to the discipline, the profession and the Society.

A list of  Pitman Medal recipients can be viewed here.  The names of Honorary Life Membership and Service Award recipients are below.


Honorary Life Membership

1964   C.E. Weatherburn

1966   E.J.G. Pitman

1966   S.R. Carver

1969   M.H. Belz

1972   H.O. Lancaster

1978   P.A.P. Moran

1981   K.R.W. Brewer

1981   C.C. Heyde

1981   D.B. Knudsen

1981   E.J. Williams

1983   J.B Douglas

1983   J.M. Gani

1986   C.A. McGilchrist

1989   D.J. Daley

1994   D.E. Shaw

1994   J.S. Maritz

1998   N.I. fisher

1998   R.L. Sandland

1998   R.L. Tweedie

1999   R.G. Jarrett

1999   D.J. Trewin

2000   D.F. Nicholls

2001   N.C. Weber

2002   I.R. James

2004   H. McGillivray

2010   K. Basford

2016   W. Dunsmuir


Service Awards

1998   E. Brinkley (Canberra)

1998   R.I. Forrester (Canberra)

1998   E.A. Eyland (NSW)

1998   J.B.F. Field (SA)

1998   H.L. MacGillivray (QLD)

1998   R.M. Clark (VIC)

1998   N. Garnham (VIC)

1999   J.T. Wood (CBR)

2001   A.G. Pakes (WA)

2001   J. Matthews (VIC)

2002   M.A. Adena (Canberra)

2002   A.J. Branford (SA)

2003   A.J. Swain (QLD)

2003   K.E. Basford (QLD)

2003   G. Robinson (VIC)

2006   G. Bruton (VIC)

2006   R. Robertson (NSW)

2006   R. Watson (VIC)

2008   N. Bartlett (VIC)

2008   J. Henstridge (WA)

2008   G Laslett (QLD)

2010   C. Badcock (NSW)

2012   W. Dunsmuir (NSW)

2012   B. Phillips (VIC)

2014   A. Richardson (CBR)

2014   I. Saunders (SA)

2014   G. Glonek (SA)

2016   G. Lee (CBR)

2016   P. Sutcliffe (SA)





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