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Distinguished Presenter's Award

Award Specifics

  • This award acknowledges the contributions made by SSA's regular workshop and course presenters. The award, first created in 2020, is awarded annually in December, subject to eligible nominations. A list of award winners can be found here.
  • Nomination opens February each year and will remain open until the August of the same year.
  • The award will be announced during the Australian Statistical Conference in the year the event is held. In the other year, it will be announced by a general email/SSA newsletter and retrospectively acknowledged in the subsequent ASC.
  • Successful nominees will be awarded one year of complimentary membership with the SSA. They will also receive a digital badge demonstrating their status as an SSA awardee. The names of the awardees will be displayed on a web page of the SSA. A maximum of three awards will be allocated per year. For more than three nominations, the quality of nominations (in terms of workshops presented and planned and the quality and interests of the topics proposed, and the feedback from the attendees, further to whether the nominee has already received the award in the past with preference given to new nominations) will be judged by the CPD committee selecting the awardees. The committee will offer feedback to unsuccessful nominees and provide guidance for future applications.

Award Criteria

The award criteria are as follows:

  • The nominee is a member of SSA.
  • The nominee has presented at least two workshops or courses for the SSA within the last two years. It is preferred that the workshops differ from each other in terms of the topics or issues covered and are not identical to previous workshops held. The CPD committee will take the diversity of workshops in consideration when making the recommendation for the award.
  • The nominee, if awarded, agrees to present at least two workshops or courses under the SSA banner within two years from the date of the award. These workshops should also be of diverse nature and not an identical repeat of a previously held session.
  • The nominee has not received the Distinguished Presenter's Award in the previous year.
  • An awardee will be re-eligible for the award every two years subject to fulfilling the criteria of presenting two workshops after the prior award and before reapplying for nomination. Effectively, the award turns into 50% discounted membership over two years for successful nominations.

Award Process

1. Nominations are to be made either through self-nomination or by other members. The nomination form is available here. The form should list the workshops or courses that have been presented by the nominee for the SSA in the recent two years. The application should also include (if available) any feedback and attendance numbers at these events, as well as details regarding future workshops or courses planned. The nomination form and any supporting documents should be submitted to

2. Presenting two workshops does not automatically guarantee the receipt of the award and the CPD committee will make their judgement based on the nominations presented. When making their decision, the CPD committee will take into consideration the quality of the workshops or courses presented and planned, the potential impact of these workshops or courses in promoting statistics in Australia, as well as any history of previous nominations for this award.

3. The CPD committee will subsequently make recommendations to the Executive Committee of the SSA. Subject to approval, the awardee(s) will be awarded the complimentary one-year membership and digital badge.

The continuation, criteria, process, and condition of the award are subject to change and required updates, overseen by the CPD committee.  Any changes or update regarding any future nomination and process of the award will be advised on the SSA web site in due course.

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