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Date: Tuesday 25 February 2020


5.30pm Refreshments, Allan Barton Forum, Level 2, Room 248, College of Business and Economics, ANU (Map).

6.00pm Presentation in Allan Barton Forum 

7.30pm After the talk, there will be a dinner at Madam Lu, 20/42 West Row, Canberra (Restaurant).

Please RSVP SSA Canberra or reply to this email directly by 
5 p.m. 24 February if you will be attending the dinner. 

Speaker: Marijke Welvaert, ANU


TopicThe tales of an Applied Statistician


I started my university studies with a degree in experimental psychology. Fast forward a few years, and I found myself in the midst of a debate on how to analyse my thesis data. Should I use the techniques I learned in my stats courses or the method advocated in the research field? This sparked my interest to pursue a career in applied statistics. 10+ years later and working several jobs in different domains, I collected some tales on the use of statistics in practice. In this seminar, I would like to walk you through some history and discuss how us statisticians can help overcome the bridges between statistics and their applications



Dr Marijke Welvaert joined the ANU Statistical Consulting Unit in 2019. Marijke is an applied statistician who has built extensive experience in the application of good statistical practice within social sciences and human movement science. She obtained her PhD in 2013 from Ghent University, Belgium and has since then held postdoctoral positions at CSIRO and the University of Canberra. She has published as part of multidisciplinary teams in psycholinguistics, neuroscience, biosecurity, environmental science and sport and exercise science and medicine. Her main research interest is in the application of linear mixed modelling for within-subject designs. She enjoys sharing her passion for data with those who may not have a natural affinity with statistics.


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+ Our AGM is scheduled to be held on 31 March, where we will be electing the new SSA Canberra council. If you are interested in becoming a council member, or want to know more about what is involved, please get in touch with us via email! We are especially keen to have a fair representation of the broader statistics and data science community in and around Canberra. 

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