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This month we are having a joint meeting with ABS, with two speakers talking about surveys in a digital age, followed by opportunity for discussion. There will not be any pre-talk drinks and nibbles as these cannot be catered at ABS, however we have the usual dinner after the meeting.


Date: Tuesday 29 October 2019


5.15pm Presentation by Paul Schubert and Dina Neiger in Knibbs lecture theatre, Ground Floor, ABS House, 45 Benjamin Way, Belconnen (Map) by Paul Schubert and Dina Neiger, structured as:

  • Introduction 10min (Paul)
  • A framework of survey methodologies 5min (Dina)
  • Probability samples – official statistics 20min (Paul)
  • Unofficial statistics – why is it important 5 min (Dina)
  • Nonprobability samples 10 min (Dina)
  • Probability online panel 5 min (Dina)
  • Recap and future issues  5 min (Paul)
  • Questions and discussion 15 min (All)

7.00pm After the talk, there will be dinner at Turkish Delight ( 5/38 Weedon Close

Please RSVP Francis Hui ( or reply all’ to this email) by 9 a.m. Monday 28 October if you would like to attend the dinner.

SpeakersPaul Schubert (Program Manager, Statistical Methodology Branch, ABS) and Dina Neiger (Chief Statistician, The Social Research Centre)

TopicThe nature of surveys in a digital age


“Information age” brings an abundance of new data sources such as big data, social media, sensors, GPS, satellites, transactional data….On the other hand probability sample surveys are facing increasing challenges including increasing costs of data collection, increasing difficulty in ensuring complete coverage of the population, decreasing response and cooperation rates. Paul and Dina will discuss their perspectives on how the nature of surveys is evolving in response to these challenges and the place of probability surveys in the context of this complex landscape.

Paul Schubert: Paul heads the Statistical Methodology Branch at the ABS, which develops and supports the data collection, sampling, time series and quality management methods that are used throughout the ABS's statistical collections. Paul holds an honours degree in Mathematical Statistics from the University of Adelaide, and has worked in the Methodology Division at the ABS for 30 years, specialising in survey sampling methodology for official statistics. He has undertaken various roles in that time, including in business and household statistics methodology, data access and confidentiality methodology, statistical consultancy and training, and methods development. He has had a keen interest in the quality and quality management of statistics, and in recent years has been involved in the ABS's introduction of web forms in the Labour Force Survey and other household surveys.
Dina Neiger: Dina is a professional statistician with over 20 years of experience and a track record of achievement in leadership and technical roles at the Social Research Centre, Monash University, Australian Bureau of Statistics, and Biostatistics and Clinical Trials Centre at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre. Dina’s statistical interests include the use of calibration and blending methods to improve accuracy of the non-probability samples, establishment and maintenance of the first Australian Online Probability panel and complex business survey design and weighting. Throughout her career she has worked through every stage of statistical data collection including design, system development, contact with respondents, data editing, estimation and output, in a wide variety of domains including demographic, labour, business and price index statistics.  Dina’s educational background includes 1st Class Honours degree in Statistics and PhD in Business Systems from Monash University with an emphasis in applied Operations Research and Process Engineering. Dina is Accredited Statistician (AStat) member of the Statistical Society of Australia (SSA) and is a member of the American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR).

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