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Statistics Canada Videos

Statistics Canada have developed a couple of videos that may be of interest to you. One details the work that the Agency does internationally and the other explains the ten principles of official statistics set out by the UN.

The International Association for Statistical Computing (IASC) announces a: DATA ANALYSIS COMPETITION

IASC is an Association of the International Statistical Institute (ISI) and aims to foster a world-wide exchange of technical knowledge among statisticians, computing professionals, organizations, governments and the general public, to convert data into information and knowledge. For the 2014 Data Competition, winners will be invited to present their results at the COMPSTAT 2014 & the […]

The 2014 skills and salary survey

The 2014 skills and salary survey of a broad cross-section of analytics professionals – complete the 2014 Skills and Salary Survey. The 2014 IAPA Business Analytics Skills and Salary Survey is now open and will help profile the current state of the market and provide valuable insight into typical salary ranges and experience levels of analytics professionals in […]

AMSI Media Release: Increased funding for maths and stats

The Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute (AMSI) welcomes the Federal Government’s decision to increase its funding contribution for undergraduate places in mathematics and statistics.   In 2016 funding will rise by 22.3 per cent from the current projected rate of $9,849 to $12,045 — an increase of 25.6 per cent over the current 2014 rate. Mathematics […]

$420m Science and Tech Cuts Threaten Prosperity

A media release by Science and Technology Australia The Federal Budget is a very mixed one for science, technology and innovation, with short-term reprieves for infrastructure and fellowships, but significant cuts across a number of science agencies and grants bodies, according to STA CEO Catriona Jackson. “At least $420 million will be cut from 5 […]


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