Nominations for the SSA NSW Branch Council 2017

Nominations are now being sought for the position of SSA NSW Branch Vice-President and ten (10) Branch Councillors for the 2017 calendar year. I’d strongly encourage members to consider taking up a role as new opinions are highly valued. It’s an excellent opportunity to contribute to the field of statistics, whether you work in academia, […]

Graham Neil Wilkinson

Graham Neil Wilkinson died on 7th September 2016 aged 89. He was an early leader in Statistical Computing having spent much of the 1960s and early 1970s developing and implementing, in conjunction with John Nelder, a unique and incredibly powerful algorithm for ANOVA in the groundbreaking general statistical analysis package GenStat. Having worked in Australia […]

Professor Joe Gani, 15 December 1924 – 12 April 2016

From the AustMS secretary, Peter Stacey With sadness I inform members of the death early this morning of Professor Joe Gani, a Foundation Member of the Society and President from 1978 to 1980. The following information was prepared by Sue Wilson and Alan Welsh of the ANU. Professor Joseph Mark Gani (15 December 1924, Cairo, […]

New Newsfeed Coming For This Website

We are currently working on the implementation of a new newsfeed for our website. A sneak preview can be seen here:

Public servants told to pay the office power bills

Hundreds of Bureau of Statistics public servants are to be sent home with a laptop as the bureau pursues a plan to provide desks for only 80 per cent of its workforce. But there’s a catch. The “teleworking agreement” has a clause forcing workers to pay all the costs of their arrangement including power, phone, […]

ABS confident of public trust in Census despite boycott campaign

Calls for a boycott of this year’s Census continue to bounce around the community, spread mainly through social media, and could endanger the valuable project depending on how many people actually follow through. The explicit promotion of a boycott followed trenchant criticism of the decision to retain names and addresses collected with this year’s Census, […]

STEM grads not spared gender disparity

The science, technology, engineering and maths world has become riven with contradictions as tech credentials serve as tickets to any sort of job. A new report has found that STEM qualifications help shield men, but not women, from unemployment. While STEM-qualified men are less likely to be jobless than their non-STEM counterparts, the reverse is […]

Why You Might Want To Become A Jedi Knight For This Year’s Census

In the week before Christmas last year, the Australian Bureau of Statistics quietly trashed your privacy. We have only a few months to claim it back. In December 2015, the ABS announced its plans to collect and keep the name and address of every person in Australia, starting with the August 2016 census. They then […]

ABS has no vital statistics on housework – for 10 years!

Gosh, I love a statistic. All journalists do. A statistical report where someone else has done all the research hard yards and you can just scoop the story off the top like a lovely dollop of interesting cream is the ultimate cruisy day at work for us. And for all the mad efflorescence of opinion […]

David Spiegelhalter on how to stop being so easily manipulated by misleading statistics

There are three kinds of lies: Lies, damned lies, and statistics.” Few people know the struggle of correcting such lies better than David Spiegelhalter. Since 2007, he has been the Winton professor for the public understanding of risk (though he prefers “statistics” to “risk”) at the University of Cambridge. In a sunlit hotel room in […]


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