Why You Need to Study Statistics

In their continued efforts to present statistics as a field that is often misunderstood, the American Statistical Association provides this pitch video. This should be mandatory viewing for all high school students!

Math Skills Crucial, Says New CareerCast 2015 Jobs Rated Report (US)

Actuary, Mathematician, Statistician and Data Scientist Rank Among Best Jobs for 2015; Newspaper reporter, cook and lumberjack are among the worst professions. Read the article on PR Newswire.  

Statistics Canada 2016 Census

Statistics Canada says 2016 census change will provide more accurate income data. Read more about this on Chek.      

Statistics NZ takes 2018 census online

A modernised census aims to minimise door-to-door collection and replace a ‘hierarchy’ of field staff with online engagement. Read the article at ZD Net.

How statisticians uncovered the world’s missing migrants

The Washington Post – By Ana Swanson March 16 at 2:13 PM Estimating the true number of migrants that move around the world each year is a difficult task — some people cross borders illegally, and recording and enforcement standards vary a lot by country. As a result, data on international migration is often incomplete. […]

New possibilities for the treatment of breast cancer arise, with the help of mathematics

Researchers of three of Switzerland’s leading scientific institutions have brought to light a means of reprogramming a flawed immune response into an efficient anti-tumoral one by the results of a translational trial relating to breast cancer.  Thanks to the innovative combination of mathematical modelisation and experimentation, only 20 tests were necessary, whereas traditional experimentation would […]

At White House, Commerce Department, Growing Concern About Cuts to Statistics

An article from the Wall Street Journal, 13-03-2015   At White House, Commerce Department, Growing Concern About Cuts to Statistic By Josh Zumbrun Officials at the White House and Commerce Department are publicly expressing worries that economic statistics surveys—in particular a critical survey at the Census Bureau known as the American Community Survey—face a growing risk of cuts. “The […]

Advances in statistical science mean we only need a census every 10 years

From The Age, 28 February 2015 Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/business/comment-and-analysis/advances-in-statistical-science-mean-we-only-need-a-census-every-10-years-20150227-13qcpe.html#ixzz3TwTQPrwz What’s the difference between a census – a full count – and a sample survey? The census will always be superior, right? Not really. With talk that the Bureau of Statistics and the government are considering changing our census of population and housing from five-yearly to […]

The George Institute currently recruiting volunteers to take part in Study on food nutrition labels

The George Institute for Global Health based at The University of Sydney is currently recruiting volunteers to take part in a new Study on food nutrition labels. In this study we are comparing labels that display nutrition information in different ways. The aim is to find out which type of label is best at helping […]

‘Project Archer': Govt’s plan to save the ABS

The Abbott government’s rescue plan for the Australian Bureau of Statistics, including a takeover by the bureau of the nation’s health statistics agency, is set to be in place by July. There will also be $250 million for the ABS to upgrade its systems, a “surveying centre of excellence” established, probably in Geelong, and a […]