Statistics NZ introduces ‘gender diverse’ classification

Human Rights Commissioner Richard Tankersley is welcoming a move by Statistics New Zealand to introduce a “gender diverse” classification. Gender diverse will join male and female categories in a new gender-identity classification released yesterday, Statistics New Zealand said. The new classification is part of its Statistical Standard for Gender Identity, which helps organisations plan how […]

Australian Bureau of Statistics drops big data bubble-buster

Mindless mash-ups and hardware upgrades do not better governance make 30 Jun 2015 by  Simon Sharwood Big Data, the shiny happy story goes, will let governments direct resources into programs that really do make a difference to the problems society faces, resulting in better services, less waste and grins on every face. But Australia’s Bureau […]

The Future of Our Society

In the lead up to the 2015 Budget, there was much discussion about possible cuts in funding to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) that might lead to dramatic changes to the Census methodology. In particular, there appeared to be the possibility of changing from a once in five year methodology to a once in […]

Sports Analytics Conference 2015


If you have a passion for sports and/or technology, we thought you might be interested in the Sports Analytics Conference 2015. IBM, KPMG, SAS, DOMO, Hortonworks, AFL, Nike, Sportsbet and Sportsradar will showcase world-class applications of sports analytics, along with any innovative startups and universities showcasing the latest in sports and big data, business intelligence, […]

Is India’s heat wave a freak event? A statistician investigates

A heat wave over India that started on May 21 and has produced India’s highest recorded temperatures in two decades has claimed more than 2,000 lives and caused widespread devastation. It would be easy to dismiss this as a freak event, something so far out of the norm that there’s little chance of preparing for it. […]

Senior fellowship in Data Science, Computational Modelling and Simulation Science

Are you looking for a postdoc or more senior fellowship in Data Science, Computational Modelling and Simulation Science? Are you up for an adventure in Australia, located at one of the country’s oldest and largest group of Bayesian statisticians? If so, please consider applying for a prestigious QUT Vice-Chancellor’s Fellowship. Email ISBA member Kerrie Mengersen […]

Calling for Fresh Scientists; Vic and ACT science prizes; and a light revolution at Fed Square

Calling for Fresh Scientists; Vic and ACT science prizes; and a light revolution at Fed Square It’s time to push your best early-career scientists into Fresh Science 2015 for a wild ride of training, pub talks, and press. We’re holding the competition in most states and we’re ready for your nominations. More below. And if […]


“It is heartening to see a strong focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) as the drivers of a smart, modern Australian in Opposition Leader Bill Shorten’s budget-in-reply speech. It is also good to see some concrete policy proposals advanced to support the rhetoric,” according to STA CEO Catriona Jackson. “STA members will be […]

Statistical Meta-Analysis: Potential for New Research Opportunities

In the age of evidence based decision making through systematic reviews of the literature, the statistical meta-analysis has been extensively used to synthesise published summary data on a particular topic of interest from a number of independent studies in order to allow researchers to reach more credible and scientifically valid conclusions. The method is being […]

Federal budget 2015: Census saved, $250m investment in Bureau of Statistics

Federal budget 2015: Census saved, $250m investment in Bureau of Statistics The census has been saved and the Australian Bureau of Statistics will get a $250 million funding boost as part of the biggest technology upgrade in its 110-year history. Read Peter Martin’s article here.


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