Statistics can kill: how Ebola treatment is being slowed by the drug trials process

The Ebola crisis brings into sharp contrast the importance of appropriate regulation for trials of new drugs. The “gold standard” in clinical research is the randomised trial, but the reliance on one particular measure of evidence arguably risks lives and may be holding back our efforts to defeat a disease which has sparked fear around […]

ABS needs more Govt cash to upgrade old IT

Australia’s national statistics body will need more Government funding in the next financial year to upgrade old and unstable technology systems, the agency’s acting boss has revealed. Read more at,abs-needs-more-govt-cash-to-upgrade-old-it.aspx

Statistics NZ workers strike for more pay

Staff at Statistics New Zealand are going on strike after a breakdown in collective bargaining. The Public Service Association says 425 members will take a full day of strike action tomorrow, including holding a two hour rally in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. Labour MPs Darien Fenton and Grant Roberston, and the Greens Jan Logie and […]

How deadly is Ebola? Statistical challenges may be inflating survival rate

“Science Insider”, 8 September 2014 – By Gretchen Vogel The Ebola virus that is causing the raging epidemic in West Africa is famously lethal. In previous outbreaks it has killed as many as 90% of the people it infects. That’s why the figures in World Health Organization’s (WHO’s) latest “Situation Report” look like they might […]

Back to School Means More Opportunities for NASS Statistician

Taken from the “Science Tuesday” feature series on the USDA blog – See more at: Back to school has a three-fold meaning for me these days. In addition to watching my daughter and son head back to complete yet another year of college and high school, respectively, I get to meet my new students […]

Global Strategy to Improve Agricultural and Rural Statistics (Global Strategy)

The Global Strategy to Improve Agricultural and Rural Statistics (Global Strategy) arose from a recognition that the quantity and quality of agricultural and rural data coming from national official sources has been on a steady decline since the 1980s. This decline comes at a time of increasing demand for new statistics and the need to […]

Prof Terry Speed AMSI-SSAI Lecture Tour

Between the months of August and November this year, the 2013 Prime Minister’s Science Prize winner and one of Australia’s most eminent statisticians, Professor Terry Speed, will be touring the country as the 2014 AMSI-SSAI Lecturer. This annual event gives the research community and the general public an opportunity to hear top academics in the […]

2014 BioInfoSummer

Applications for student travel support to attend 2014 BioInfoSummer are now open. Travel support applications will close on 10 October 2014. For more information & to register –

Australian Bureau of Statistics’ staff banned from short-term trading

Staff working for the Australian Bureau of Statistics will be banned from short-term trading in financial markets and required to provide annual declarations of their financial assets under a series of sweeping reforms recommended in the wake of one of the biggest insider trading cases in Australian history. Read more:

Data Science, Big Data and Statistics – can we all live together?

Here is a topic that receives much debate these days – as diverse fields like statistics, computer science and applied mathematics converge with newly named fields such as data science and big data. Can’t we all get along? To find out, please go to