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The prime objective of the Accredited Statistician (AStat) scheme is to indicate to the non-statistical community that the holder has achieved an acceptable level of professional competence in the understanding and application of statistical methods and is bound by the Code of Conduct of the SSAI. It is important to the reputation of the statistical profession and to those employing statisticians that only those persons who satisfy the specified criteria are accredited, otherwise the credibility of the profession is at risk. A member with the qualification of Accredited Statistician may use the abbreviation AStat.

To see a directory of the names of our accredited members (AStat), please click here.  The listing in the directory is voluntary. Members may be accredited, but choose not to be listed in the directory. Please feel free to contact the SSAI office if you have a question about a member’s accreditation status.

Details of accreditation can be found under the headings Professional Accreditation.


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