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​​Statistical Society of Australia Canberra Branch Meeting

Please note the change in venue location.

Date: Tuesday 27 June 2017


5.15pm  Refreshments in Slayter Seminar room, DA Brown Building [Building 47], 46 Daley road, ANU (Map)
*Please enter via the front door on the Daley road, which will be unlocked from 5pm -8pm.
6.00pm Presentation in Slayter Seminar room, DA Brown Building
7.30pm After the talk, there will be a dinner at Alice’s Thai Restaurant, 1/19-21 East Row, (Restaurant)

Please RSVP Francis Hui (SSA Canberra or reply to this email directly) by Monday 26 June if you would like to attend the dinner. 

Speaker: Hwan-Jin Yoon, Statistical Consulting Unit, ANU
Topic: Data analysis using hierarchical generalized linear models (HGLMs) with R


Random effects models, such as linear mixed models (LMM) and generalized linear mixed models (GLMMs) are widely used for modelling clustered correlated data or nested structured data in a wide variety of disciplines in the physical, biological and social sciences.
In recent years, the hierarchical generalized linear models (HGLMs) become more popular in various areas and provide more flexible and efficient framework for modelling non-normal data as well as normal data in situation when several sources of error variation (random effects) are present. GLMM is a special case of HGLMs by constrain the random effects to follow Normal distribution with an identity link function. Thus, HGLMs as a synthesis of two widely used existing model classes: generalized linear models (GLMs) and LMM bring a wide range of models together within a single framework.
In this talk, the advantage of the HGLM framework for specific statistical problems will be shown through examples using R package (dhglm). We also talk about the hierarchical likelihood (h-likelihood) for the statistical inference and estimation (Lee and Nelder, 1996).
Francis Hui
SSA Canberra

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