Rules & Regulations

Our rules cover the following topics:

  • Name
  • Interpretation
  • Society’s Office
  • Objects and Purposes of the Society
  • Membership of Society
  • Optional Accreditation
  • Branches of the Society
  • Financial Year
  • Membership Fees and Benefits
  • Members’ Liability
  • Central Council of the Society
  • Terms of Executive Office
  • Election of Executive Members
  • Public Officer
  • Committees
  • Powers and Duties
  • Council
  • Powers and Duties
  • President and Vice-President
  • Powers and Duties
  • Secretary
  • Powers and Duties-Treasurer
  • Powers and Duties
  • Australian Editor
  • Powers and Duties-Auditor
  • Annual General Meeting of Council
  • Annual General Meeting of the Society
  • Special General Meeting
  • Notices of General Meetings
  • Business and Quorum at General Meetings
  • President to Preside at General Meetings
  • Adjournment of General Meetings
  • Votes
  • Appointment of Proxies
  • Taking of Vote
  • When Vote to be Taken
  • Executive Committee
  • Meetings of Executive
  • Disciplining of Members
  • Right of Appeal of Disciplined Member
  • Income and Property of Society
  • Disclosure of Interest in Contracts, etc.
  • Custody and Inspection of Books
  • Banking and Finance
  • Notices
  • Alteration of the Rules
  • Seal of the Society
  • Awards
  • Awards Committee
  • Dissolution of Society

Click here to download the Society’s rules


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